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CEMASTEA in collaboration with eKitabu ( has come up with an award for the best innovative teachers in classroom practices in mathematics and sciences. This award is known as the i-TOYA Award; 

                                                                      i for ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning

                                                                      TOYA for Teacher of the Year Award

The teachers will participate and benefit, through a teacher’s competition to create innovative lessons in mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. This will help promote ICT integration in teaching and learning and (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) STEM which can help achieve transformative educational outcomes

The main objectives of the Competition are:

  1. Develop ICT teacher capacity at secondary by enhancing ICT skills in tandem with digital literacy
  2. Encourage Teachers of Mathematics and Sciences to integrate ICT in the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Sciences which will ultimately enhance the quality of teaching and learning and education in general and aid in the realization of vision 2030.
  3. Give Mathematics and Science teachers opportunities to reflect on how best to use technology to further education, and to express ideas in their own voices
  4. Develop and document best innovative classroom practice
  5. Promote lesson study at the school and county level 



The competition is open to all Mathematics and Science teacher in public secondary schools and best innovative lessons will be awarded during the annual heads conference starting 2017. The schools where the winning teacher comes from will also be recognized.



i-TOYA award

This is to be awarded to the best Mathematics and Science teachers in the country who develops and implements the best innovative ICT integrated lesson.

The nomination process of i-TOYA competition begins at school level then proceeds to sub-county, county, regional and finally to national level

At the school level the school panel chaired by the Board of Management (BOM) will identify the best teacher in the ICT integration in teaching/learning process.

Specifically, the teacher should:

  1. Be a teacher of Mathematics and Sciences (Physics, Biology and Chemistry).
  2. Have undergone at least one SMASE INSET.
  3. SMASE County trainers’ representatives are not eligible for the competition to avoid conflict of interest (County Trainers’ Representatives may take part in the nomination process at some level).
  4. Have an enrolment of at least 15 students in his/her subject
  5. Should have posted good performance in KCSE in the subject of nomination for the last three years as described below:
    • Those teaching in a Sub County school should have achieved a mean grade of C
    • Those teaching in a County/ Extra County school should have achieved a mean grade of B-
    • Those teaching in National County school should have achieved a mean grade of B


Value addition:

Alternatively value addition may be considered based on the following:

  • Improvement Index in KCSE for the last 3 years in the teaching subject.
  • Preparation of the learners for ‘life- long learning’ e.g environmental conservation, waste management, water harvesting etc.
  • Use of ICT in lesson delivery


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Quality Policy Statement

CEMASTEA, being mandated to provide continuous professional development of mathematics and science teachers for effective delivery of curricula, affirms its commitment to providing quality In-service Education and Training (INSET) and related services to its customers and stakeholders in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

CEMASTEA commits to continually improve its quality management system and meet the legal and ISO 9001:2015 International Standard requirements.


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